Ex-Baha'i Christian Testimony

From atheism to Baha'ism to Christianity

Here are two emails from a former Baha'i who decided to become a Christian in 2003:

Subject: Enjoyed Reading your Story
To: Eric Stetson, webmaster,

Dear Eric:

My background is very similar to yours. I came from a non-religionist background to the Bahai Faith.

After years of practice, promotion and belief in the Bahai Faith, I ran into a book that stated the fact that Bahaullah was polygamist with three wives.

I could not believe this. I dug more. An explanation from Shoghi Effendi was not convincing. Shoghi stated that Bahaullah was practicing his old Islamic faith and the practice of his old homeland, as Jesus was a Jew before Christianity. The explanation was not convincing for two reasons:

  1. Bahaullah's first marriage happened prior to the so-called "Babi Dispensation." However, the second marriage took place after the Babi Dispensation, after the Bab supposedly nullified polygamy, and after Bahuallah's attendance in the "Badasht Conference" declaring nullification of Islamic laws and beginning of Babi laws. The third marriage took place in Baghdad, after he himself supposedly became a prophet.

  2. The "practice of his old homeland" of polygamy is not that accurate. 19th Century Persians -- unlike Arabs -- did not customarily or by large practice polygamy, except for among rare wealthy individuals.

I found very many other discrepancies in Bahaism. One other related one is the fact that the Book of Aqdas allows bigamy, while Abdul-Baha tried to cover the practice by promoting monogamy and innovating "equality of men and women."

Another discrepancy is the general Bahai belief that Bahaullah did not have basic education, and what he acquired was a miracle (like Jesus). This is untrue. He was a son of nobility and did have better education than others.

I could write many more discrepancies; however, I know that you are far more knowledgeable in the field than me.

I have lately considered to become a Christian.

Thank you for sharing your story.


It is so interesting and fortunate to find someone like you who shares much:

Once, I became very disappointed with and felt betrayed by Bahaism. I considered to become a Christian. I made the decision after much thinking: In the line of so-called prophets, I only found one "prophet" perfect and sinless: Jesus. This contradicts Bahaism which claims that there is no such a thing as absolute perfection. Then, I concluded that Jesus is much more than a prophet. I found many discrepancies in Bahaism. One night, I simply felt that the internet was my counselor, and I could talk to the computer. I typed in "Ex-Bahai Christian". I was referring to myself. I miraculously encountered your website!

I truly admire you.

I am on my way to become a Christian; however, in my heart, I am already one.

[Name Withheld by Request]

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